The Compact Power Distribution Solution

Engineered specifically for the rigorous AV and Events industry, the ONEstage SPD3 is a compact power distribution hub that adheres to the highest safety and performance standards. It is meticulously designed to conform with AS/NZS3002:2021 and AS/NZS3105:2017, assuring uninterrupted power supply in a variety of applications.

Aluminium Case

Rugged and anodized aluminium protective case for maximum strength, reduced weight, anti-reflective and anti-rust.

Australian Approved

Built from the ground up to meet stringent Australian Requirements. Compliance passes or exceeds AS/NZS3002:2021 and AS/NZS3105:2017.

Global Use

Our products are built to strict Australian certifications meaning our product is capable of passing anywhere in the world.

ABS Bumpers

Triple sided heat resistant ABS bumpers
provide bumper protection to keep the anodized finish for longer.

Australian Made

Our products are proudly made in house, in Victoria, Australia using the best components and constant R&D.

A lustrum of power

We’re so confident about the reliability of our products that we back them with a 5 year worldwide warranty.

2RU Rack Mountable

All of our rack mountable products meet ISO standards to ensure maximum compatibility and easy mounting.

Australian Made

Our products are proudly made in house, in Victoria, Australia using the best components and constant R&D.

A lustrum of power

We’re so confident about the reliability of our products that we back them with a 5 year worldwide warranty.


Rugged Design

Housed within a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium enclosure, the SPD3 features a textured black finish that minimises reflectivity on stage. This ensures a discreet presence while maintaining outstanding durability.

Overload Protection

The SPD3 integrates a robust 2-pole switch with thermal overload protection, providing dependable circuit management and enhanced safety during performances, festivals, and other high-demand events.

Locking Connectors

Fitted with locking input and throughput connectors, the SPD3 guarantees secure and stable power connections, even in demanding conditions where vibrations or unintentional disconnections could happen.

Flexible Configurations

With three Type I ‘Au/NZ’ outlets, the SPD3 offers versatile options for connecting a broad array of AV and lighting equipment. Outlet 1 is conveniently rotated 90 degrees to accommodate plug-packs.

User friendly

The front panel of the SPD3 includes a recessed rocker switch to prevent accidental tripping. The six-position patch selector dial allows for intuitive tapeless labelling and swift identification of connected devices.

Enhanced Safety

The SPD3 is fitted with a brass protective earth bond, which simplifies PAT testing and provides a secure electrical connection for added peace of mind.

Compact & Lightweight

Weighing less than 700g, the SPD3 is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and install in various event setups.

Sustainable Packaging

The SPD3 is packaged in plastic-free, recycled cardboard packaging, exemplifying our dedication to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.



Voltage 230/400Vac @ 50hZ
Current 32a (Per Phase)
Short Circuit Protection 10Ka
Neutral Yes
Supply Cable 6mm2 rubberised flex, 2m
Supply Plug 5 Pin 56 style
Main MCB/Isolator 4 Pole 32a
Circuits 8
Protection RCBO (per circuit)
Output Connectors (Front) 8 x Trucon
Output Connectors (Rear) N/A
Input Status Indicators Yes, 3 LED & Fault light
Output Status Indicators Yes, LED per output
Auxilary Power No
Rear Mountable Yes
Network Accessible Coming Soon


Height (Packaged) 105mm
Depth (Packaged) 535mm
Width (Packaged) 525mm
Net Weight  (Packaged) 7kg
Gross Weight  (Packaged) 8kg
Recyclable? 100%
Height 105mm
Depth 105mm
Width 105mm

Some typical use cases for this product are:

Stage Performances

From concerts to theatrical productions, the SPD8 is a must-have for effectively distributing power to audio, lighting, and video equipment on stage.

Event Venues

Ensure uninterrupted power supply to various areas of your venue, including control rooms, back-of-house setups, and more.

Outdoor Events

Power up temporary installations, food stalls, and entertainment setups at outdoor events with the reliability and safety of the SPD8.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Distribute power efficiently to booths, displays, and demonstrations, keeping your exhibitors and attendees connected.

  • Compliance with AS/NZS3002/2021 regulations guarantees optimal performance and adherence to industry standards.
  • While the device is designed to minimise dust and moisture ingress, it does not possess an official IP rating.

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Compact Performance

The ultimate compact power distribution

Experience the zenith of compact power distribution with the ONEstage SPD3. Custom-made for audiovisual integrators, lighting equipment suppliers, and event professionals, the SPD3 delivers unmatched reliability and performance for your power management needs, on its own or paired with other ONEstage products

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The Ultimate Power Distribution Solution

Discover the SPD8 and unlock a new level of power distribution capabilities. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we continue to deliver solutions that meet the evolving demands of various industries.

For more information about the SPD8 and its exceptional features, visit a retailerr or contact our friendly team today.

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